Who do you hire for one of the biggest purchases of your life?

Do you want someone that discounts their fees? Do you want someone who will take any listing just to get their sign out? If you want either, Hersh24k is not for you.

No matter how good your business career has been to you, at some point you rely on experts. We are experts and offer experience no other realtor in Arizona can match. That’s a big statement and we back it up! We have owned large businesses and built luxury properties. You don’t need us for friendship, you need us to find and protect your investment and make sure that you gain instead of lose money when you sell.

Pick the wrong builder or the wrong lot and nothing can save you. Cosmetics can hide a poor infrastructure until the warranty is up and then the cost is yours. You need Hersh24k to tell you when you are making a mistake. Not pat you on the rear and say anything just to make a sale.

Don’t wait to get to Arizona to pick a name you see on a sign. We’ll come to you now, on our dime, to introduce ourselves and earn your trust. I hope you will give us that chance and ask you to answer just a couple of questions below so we can best prepare to serve.

I look forward to the pleasure of meeting.

Best Regards,

David Hersh, PLLC, DBA, Luxury Properties

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